Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto? Best Way To Loss Weight in 2021

There can be many reasons that are not letting you lose any weight on keto. So, to answer your question that why am I not losing weight on keto, you need to know certain things.

First of all you need to know that achieving ketosis is a difficult as well as time taking process. If you have waited long and you have tried the low carb diet then the reason might be that you are not having proper exercise or you are not having pills that boost the ketosis.

If you are having all the things then you need to check your diet or your habits. Like if you have habit of chewing gum then you should know that gum also contains carbohydrates. So, first you need to know about the foods that you are going to eat whether it contain carbs or not?

There are certain food which is seemed to have low carbs but in reality they are packed with carbs such as honey. Fruits also contain carbs so like explained above that you need to know your foods and your habits.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto

Lets take a look at the foods that you are not sure that whether or not they contain carbs

Is beef jerky keto?           

It is mentioned in the name that it is made with beef so it will be full of proteins and proteins are very important for ketosis. Protein releases special chemical that can not only reduce the hunger but also promotes weight loss. A research conducted to see the protein help in lower of weight confirms the above claim [1].

So, you can have beef jerky as a snack because it is high in protein and low in carbs. However, you need to know that most beef jerky are made with lean cuts beef so such beef are not high in fats. You can have nuts and cheese in addition to the beef.

Is buttermilk keto?          

You need to know that butter, ghee, cheeses are considered as keto friendly. However, you will not have buttermilk or chaas as keto friendly. So, you need to avoid buttermilk if you are on keto diet.

Is edamame keto?

Yes, edamame are also consider to be keto friendly because they are rich in dietary fibers. Having edamame in keto can help to compensate the lack of carbs in the diet.

Is Popcorn Keto Friendly?

You may have been eating popcorn without noticing that is it keto friendly or not. Popcorns can be included in the keto diet and you can have popcorn if you are on keto diet. Moreover, popcorn can have 90 calories and you can have 50 grams of net carbs of popcorn in a day.

why am I not losing weight on keto? Final Thoughts

There are many diets that you can have which support keto. However, if you are facing difficulty in losing weight and you have tried everything then you need to ask your doctor. If you have cheated the diet then there is a bad news for you.

Cheating a keto diet can reverse ketosis and you will be end up gaining nothing. So, you need to have consistent in your effort of losing weight. You can try new diets, exercises, shakes or pills that can give you a head start to your weight losing.

Achieving ketosis is difficult and time taking. If your really want to realize the benefits have keto diet for longer duration. You also need to realize that only having the diet will not do the trick you will have to exercise in order to shed extra pounds of weight of your body.